We The People, Soul

My name is Lance Johnson and I’m a visual artist who is inspired by words. The foundation of each piece I create is the layering of words throughout each canvas. I feel that words of inspiration are the soul of my work. Words have power and my goal as an artist is to create art that evolves with each viewing.  DREAMS LIVE!

Hip hop is the soundtrack to my visual lyricism. Growing up in the 90’s in what I refer to as the golden age of hip hop, I was drawn to the lyrical power of the culture. The poetry of hip hop seeped into my soul at an early age. The beats were amazing but the words resonated. Hip hop was food to my soul and to this day, informs my work as an artist. PEACE AND LOVE!

  • Muze Gastropub
  • Completed October 2022
  • Medium: Spray paint, Acrylics and Markers