Hello, my name is Christa (Freehands) Childs.

I am a freelance artist based in Cleveland, OH. The medium I specialize in would be acrylic paints. Most surfaces I paint on are exterior surfaces, canvas and fabrics but I love to experiment. The work I produce is very stylized and falls in with surrealism, pop art and street art. My work speaks about my own personal experiences, interest and emotions.

The name of stair case mural I designed for the Studio West 117 Fieldhouse is “POSE”. It was made to match the logo design going on the rock wall and also showcase the positive flow of energy the building will bring to the neighborhood. The goal was to make the artwork for this piece fun, colorful expressive and striking to see.

  • Fieldhouse Courtyard
  • Completed November 2022
  • Medium: Digital Graphics to Vinyl

The Artist

Christa (Freehands) Childs