Lance Johnson

My name is Lance Johnson and I’m a visual artist who is inspired by words. The foundation of each piece I create is the layering of words throughout each canvas. I feel that words of inspiration are the soul of my work. Words have power and my goal as an artist is to create art […]

Torian Mitchell

My name is Torian Mitchell. I am a mixed medium artist. I have 20+ years of experience in art. Art is my vibe; it has always been my way of expressing my emotions. When the pandemic hit I really fell into it. It became my outlet and coping mechanism to cope with everything. I love waking […]

Christa (Freehands) Childs

Hello, my name is Christa (Freehands) Childs. I am a freelance artist based in Cleveland, OH. The medium I specialize in would be acrylic paints. Most surfaces I paint on are exterior surfaces, canvas and fabrics but I love to experiment. The work I produce is very stylized and falls in with surrealism, pop art […]

Mike Sobeck

Mike Sobeck is a Cleveland-based artist who specializes in oil paintings and large scale murals. The subject matter of his work ranges from delicious looking junk food to pop culture icons. His work can be found in and on many local businesses as well as a few galleries across the US. For Studio West 117’s […]

Aja Joi Grant

Aja Joi Grant is a photographer and printmaker, focused on highlighting the beauty and originality of her subjects. Trained in studio lighting and fine art photography, she creates her compositions to communicate different narratives around pride, expression, and everyday human life. Aja Joi Grant completed a series of photo shoots featuring members of the LGBTQ+ […]

Stina Aleah

Stina Aleah uses her life experiences to create breathtaking oil paintings and mural art that leave audiences motivated and inspired. The artist’s work has been collected both nationally and internationally, collaborating with major corporations, Emmy nominated television series, celebrities, galleries and exhibitions. Stina Aleah completed these multi-colored series of movement inspired murals to represent the […]